Day 30: A manga with the best ending

LAST DAY!! (ps. if anyone wants my ver. of the manga challenge, just message) I wanted to do a manga that I haven’t used yet even though I think that there are a lot of mangas that have good endings but I thought that the manga Hana ni Arashi had a really good ending. you think it ends with a bittersweet ending but then it ends up being a nice happy ending that’s not too sickening :)

Day 29: A manga with a disappointing ending

to me, mangas with disappointing endings are usually ones where they end too happily that it becomes kind of sickening, haha.  So the first one that I thought of was Ai to Himegoto.  It’s an older man and younger girl couple and it ended so perfectly for them without any drama that it was too unrealistic, even for a shoujo, that you didn’t really feel for the ending :P…like…how did her parents accept the fact that they were living together for the longest time? that’s your step brother and your daughter!!! and you’re fine with it? 

Day 28: A manga with the best storyline

I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s a pretty cool story that I feel that most people don’t know about.  I really like the storyline for Omagadoki Doubtsuen, it’s such a cute idea that could have a lot of possibilities to it.  it’s a refreshing shounen that kind of reminds me of One Piece (by that I mean, the main characters aren’t all bishounen, haha).  Though, I think the manga was dropped :(

Day 27: A manga with the best art

I really like the cleanness of Takano Ichigo’s art, the artist for mangas like Yumemiru Taiyou. it’s original yet still has those shoujo qualities that make it nice. to me any artist who can draw really nice eyes are good artists, haha.

Day 26: A manga with the best scene

My favourite scene in the entire world is the confession scene in Strobe Edge. sometimes i feel that shoujo mangas really rush the confession scene with just saying “I like you” and it ends there.  but man, this scene gave me goosebumps.  the part where they keep hugging each other and they get tighter and tighter, so good OTL

And my favourite line out of the confession was when she said “sharing a cake and me ending up eating a lot but you just laughing about it and forgiving me” (SO CUTE) 

Day 25: A manga that you thought you wouldn’t like

When it comes to mangas, you always judge a book by it’s cover.  So I’m always a little wary when the art looks super shoujo-y b/c then I think the story is going to be really generic. So believe it or not I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to like Otomen especially since the cover had a bishounen on it. but I give all mangas a shot and I’m glad I did with Otomen :) It has a cute storyline and I love each bishounen character that shows up one right after the other, haha

Day 24: A manga that should be more popular

I really love Kingyo Sou but not a lot of people know about it even though it’s so good. The art isn’t that good but it has a nice original story which makes me really love it and it’s a short and sweet manga :)

Day 23: A manga that you wish you were in

I think it would be pretty sweet to be part of Fairy Tail.  Having magic and being in a group with a good sense of camaraderie where you say can cheesy yet heart touching speeches whenever you want on the whim (I think Erza has the coolest magical ability) 

Day 22: A manga that you’ve read more than once

I read a lot of mangas over and over again if I really love it but I think I’ve re-read Eyeshield 21 about 6 times from start to finish. No matter how many times I read it, when I finish it, I always feel so sad and want more ES21 that I end up reading fanfics, haha. (my favourite arc is defs the Christmas Bowl Oujo game)