Day 12: Favourite Harem

I know this is suppose to be a manga 30 day challenge, but the only harem I could ever love is Hana Yori Dango.  I’ve only seen the Jdrama, so I don’t know how similar it is to the manga. 

But I love the drama, who doesn’t love Matsujun and Oguri Shun together, punching in slow-mo in the rain?

Day 11: Favourite Gender Bender

is it too generic to say Ouran? oh well, I don’t care, I love Ouran too much!

It’s my favourite gender bender because I realize most of the popular shoujo gender bender mangas, the girls suck at being guys. Like if you were trying to fool people that you were a different gender, you think you would try harder. that’s why I love Haruhi, she’s so cool and didn’t even want to be a boy in the first place, so her reasons to be a boy were completely different and that’s what made it original

Day 10: Favourite Manga Artist/Author

As an artist and author both, I really love Sakisaka Io, the creator of Ao Haru Ride and Strobe Edge. She’s so talented in both categories! All of her stuff have such nice art and a really good story

Day 9: Favourite Mecha Manga

it was a choice b/w Gurren Lagann and Eureka Seven and even though Gurren Lagann gave me goosebumps, I only really liked the anime and not the manga, so the Eureka Seven Manga wins:

Both Eureka Seven anime and manga both have their own nice originality to them, I liked how both of them took a different direction but were still good and had the same basic idea even though the manga ending is A LOT sadder than the anime one

Day 8: Favourite Slice of Life Manga

I don’t really know what classifies a slice of life, is it like, shoujo but not that happy? anyways, I looked at my list of favourite mangas and saw that Nanairo Sekai had ‘slice of life’ as one of its genres.

But other than having to find a slice of life first, I really love this manga anyways. It has such cute oneshots and I love how the artists does shoujo and shounen-ai and she does them both so well.  I really love the first story a lot because it follows the girl’s side and the boy’s side so you know what the other is thinking in the same situation, it’s a cute idea

Day 7: Favourite Doujinshi Manga

I don’t read a lot of doujinshis but this one Katekyo Hitman Reborn dj I read was really good:

it was a hibari/yamamoto pairing and even though they made Yamamoto really seme I really liked the storyline.  It’s the same person who did Doushitemo Furetakunai so of course I’m going to like it :P

Day 6: Favourite Fantasy Manga

I really love the fantasy mangas by Hoshino Lily, the person who did Otome Youkai Zakuro, but out of all of her stuff I really love Harem de Hitori:

I’m a sucker for those sad stories but in the end it has a happy ending.  Also, Hoshino Lily has really cool costume and mythical humanoid design.  She also has relatively really mature storylines (have any of you guys seen the Otome Youkai Zakuro anime, specifically the last few eps? crazy cool but man not all cute and fluffy)

Day 5: Favourite Yuri/Yaoi Manga

I don’t read a lot of yuri to really have a favourite so I’m only going to do the Yaoi part :P  Out of my favourite yaoi, the one that first came to mind was ‘Doushitemo Furetakunai’:

it’s a nice bittersweet manga and what I like about it is that the ‘bottom’ doesn’t act like a complete girl yet he’s still acts cute, when a guy in the relationship acts like a girl I find there’s no point in having it a yaoi if he’s not going to act like a man

Day 4: Favourite Shounen Manga

This is a lot easier than Day 3, seeing as how I’ve read only about 10 shounen in my life. Also not to mention, my first answer will be and always be Eyeshield 21, hands down. 

I didn’t think I would like sport mangas because they’re usually really boring but ES21 was different, it had epic moments of wanting to win, classic shounen comedy, and good art that made the guys look hot. And even though I’m sad it ended, it was good that it ended before it started to become annoying (the key to a good shounen: know when to end)