Anonymous whispered: A few things: 1. Thank you for doing what you are doing. You are honto sugoii, and I adore your blog. 2. Might you know any other blogs that do the same you do? Speechless mangacaps, I mean.

thanks! I actually don’t follow a lot of other manga blogs so I don’t really know but blogs that I kinda keep an eye on time to time that have good edits (wordless=most of the time) are Shoujoromance and t-o-k-i-d-o-k-i

to people sending me “make me choose…” requests

I’m not currently doing them right now (‘cause I don’t want all my posts to be special edits and ‘cause of school work *mumble*mumble*) So thank you for the requests and you can keep sending them but know that I’ll just save them for a later date 


Know that if you requested a manga that I’ve already chosen (eg. strobe edge or ao haru ride) 1) you’re evil 2) I’m not going to make special edits of the same manga so I’m just not doing those requests

Thanks for understanding!